Available 7th Nov 07 the Alibis second CD

On The Rocks, MHCD2007-2, Track List

1 Ever since the world began
2 Gee
3 House of blue lights
4 Jumpin' from 6 to 6
5 Just this side of blue
6 My baby pleases me
7 Its a great great pleasure
8 They don't want me to rock no more
9 Sent for you yesterday
10 Too late baby
11 Vicious vodka
12 Since I fell for you

The Alibis original CD

Not Guilty, MHCD9900-1, Track List

1 Safronia B
2 Good morning judge
3 She walks right in
4 Drink up, drink up
5 Baby please
6 Wheels start turning
7 Long time baby
8 Get on the right track
9 Seven long days
10 I want you to be my baby